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Message to Snufkin

BLOG | 2016.12.27

HIKE is more than just a beauty salon.

The huge symbol tree you can see is an inheritence from the earth
We can sense the presence of nature through it,even though we are inside.

The tree plays a role to connect people and nature.
We believe that constantly seeking for H>cut
based on the concepts of “cycle of creation” and “coexist with nature”
is our contribution to society and the earth.

We hope our customers are happy to have found the right hair salon,and that you
will be thrilled with the way your hair will awake to a new vitality.




「素敵なヘアーサロンにめぐり会えた」と喜ぶお客様以上に心躍っているのは、そっと息を吹き返し 再び活躍の場を与えられた髪達なのです。

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